The Kids Are Alright

Life has been rather hectic of late – so many people disappearing at work all the time that it’s like a fuckin’ Agatha Christie novel:  Ten Little Office Workers.  Add to that the need to try and keep up with my seventeen year old roomate to whom I serve as chief factotum, chef, washer woman and tea-wallah and as all can see, my time is well used and abused.

However the fishes are still fishy and here is a picture to prove it.

Archimedes has buffed up into a true stud muffin discus and his days of being persecuted by Aristotle have long since passed.  He is half again the size of Aristotle.  In fact Ari’s days of bullying seem to be just about over as the newest discus fish, Socrates, is now big enough and confident enough to pay back anything that Aristotle wants to dish out.  I guess it is about time to go and get another small discus to serve as Aristotles prison bitch for a while.

My daughter redesigned their tank interior about a month ago using a lot of the principals of plant design set forth by Takashi Amano in his amazing, and inspiring, book Nature World Aquarium.  It will be a while before all of the plants have established themselves and filled it the way that the tank is envisioned.  But that is the beauty of having an aquarium – you are always waiting for something.


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