Bringing Home The New Baby!

So it had been a long time since my daughter and I had wandered over to the other side of town.  In particular we wanted to look around on E Burnside and SE Hawthorne as this contains some of her favourite vintage clothing stores.  The plan was to also go to The Screen Door (her absolute favourite restaurant) for breakfast if we could put up with all of the Portland Hipsters that were standing in line to get breakfast while managing to look aloofly cool. 

After a good breakfast and some shopping at Hippo Hardware for light fixtures and three or four hours spend wandering along Hathorne in the rain, it was time to head over to The Wet Spot (not a strip club) to eyeball their discus fish stock.  And we found us a new friend  there – he is a Red Marlboro Discus and his name is Pythagoras. 

In the words of my daughter, “Oh my God he is so tiny!”  Compared to Aristotle, he is diminutive.  It is really amazing to see how much Aristotle has grown in a year.  I would say that he is eight to ten times the size of Pythagoras: and is a good six inches in diameter now.  But one day, Pythagoras will be all grown up and as big as the others.  I can probably add one or two more discus fish to the tank yet.

Right now, Pythagoras is hiding in amongst all of the tall Amazon Swords that I have in the back of the tank.  When he stats assimilating himself into the general population, I will post a picture showing the amazing size difference.  When he is all grown up, he will look like this.


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