The Meaning Of Everything; Yet This Is About Nothing

So I have had several weeks of free and unfettered time to use up with the only thing to do each day being to ponder the relevancy of why and the meaning of 42.  Of course I had been practicing prior to that since there was also a vast drum of spare time to dip into the last month that I “worked”.  The official mantra was “come in late and leave early to make up for it”.  After all, since I do yoga now, there must be mantras. 

There was literally nothing left to do in the areas that I either worked in or wandered into to help out.  And of course there was also my nemesis who really tried to make my life there miserable and who I would not stop to piss on if she caught fire and needed to be put out (no bitterness here – no siree).  Basically I just left her alone to sink or swim as best as she could.  After all, that seemed to be what she wanted to do anyway. 

As the great production conga line that I had made to dance for me the previous twenty one months first slowed to a crawl, and then to a full stop:  that is if my boss ever learnt the word “No!”) I found myself with more and more time on my hands that touring the building endlessly failed to fill.  This was especially true at the end as the people that were fun to visit exited stage left continually. 

Finally there was only one great mystery left for me to ponder.  That was wondering who exactly will be doing what in the physical closing process since, after the Final Diaspora of December 20 when all QC and warehouse people are scattered to the winds, there will only be four managers and a supervisor left.  

And none of these individuals exactly ooze blue-collar productivity.  It will be like the Emerald City Army, minus the solitary private, in the stage version of the Wizard of Oz.   Each one will have “the grand plan”, the “idea of all ideas” and expect the others to act upon it accordingly. 

Perhaps there will be spreadsheets and meetings with decision trees (and a catered lunch) but what there will not be is a group of people who actually “do stuff” for a living.  I do not think that my boss, and one of the stellar members of the “Gang of Four”, has actually had a cogent thought in the twenty-one months that I have worked here:  so why would he suddenly start now. 

All I know is that there will be all of this work that Numbers 1 thru 4 had absolutely no idea would need to be done since they never really saw fit to mix with the proles and trogs who were the spine of the place.  I was regaled by one of my friends telling me that my former boss did ask her, on her last day, to teach him to close work orders if she had a spare five minutes.  

Five minutes does not even cover Step 1 of up to 20 steps.  And the boss-type person does not even know how the program that opens and closes the work orders functions.  He is probably still just sitting there, all bundled up in the cardigan of shame, sucking his thumb and trying to close down his first order.  Aaah but one can only hope …


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