Sit Back And Soak This One In

“The body you are wearing used to be mine.” 

You can take an opening line like that and run with it from there.  And that is what the author did.  I first came across this novel browsing the new books at the Powell’s in Cedar Mill Crossing. It did not take long to get it from the library as it has not yet gained momentum:  which is rewarding on one level as I got the book quickly, but disappointing on other levels as I want the book series to succeed.

With the end of the Harry Potter novels, and then the seeming writers block and ever eroding story lines resulting in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series becoming somewhat disappointing, I have been searching for a new fantasy series to rise to the fore.  I think that it may have emerged from Down Under.

Australian author Daniel O’Malley has written his first novel:  The Rook.  This is a tremendous first novel aiming for an audience that grew up on Harry Potter.  But this is definitely an adult novel (and hopefully an “R” rated movie sometime in the not too distant future).  Just the battle in the house in Reading could garner that rating if shot right (that means gore, people, lots and lots and lots of gore).

I am not sure who should play Myfanwy (Miffany) Thomas in the movie but Emily Blunt would be an interesting choice as would Christina Ricci:  it has to be an actress that can do meek and murderous; plain and posh.  And the options for killer cameos for actors litter the book – especially the Gestalts …

Read this book and see what I mean!


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  1. So I get into work today and one of the purchasers walks up and froggies me as hard as she can for creating mayhem in her weekend plans.

    It seems she had much to do this weekend but picked up this book and her plans went to shit after that …

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