They’re So Awesome I (Almost) Peed My Pants!

Over the past few weeks, I have been in a painting frenzy )for me) and have completed lots of World Eaters Chaos Space Marines along with some other Chaotic Badness that will just make everything just that little bit more Evil (Eeeeviller, dare I say).  Now it has to be understood that I paint an army at about the same pace that Michaelangelo did chapels (perhaps he was a union man).  My World Eaters are a labour of love.

But my future son-in-law loves to wargame and he is busy churning out Necrons left, right and center.  My oldest daughter is trying to keep pace and is painting everything in sight Dark Angels green to get ready for a campaign this winter.  Therefore it is imperative that the Eye of Terror open up and  spew forth as only it can .

Then on Friday everything changed for my daughter and I as Dark Vengeance, the new 6th Edition boxed set was unveiled.  And I am not kidding that I nearly peed my pants.  Just look at the Helbrute – what a stud (an evil, pain wracked for all of eternity stud, but a stud none the less).  And his new lord and master is pretty bitchin’ too.

And then there are some Chosen to serve as wingmen for the Chaos Lord as well as lots of squishy Chaos Cultists to use as cannon fodder and to draw enemy fire so on my end it will be a happy day next Saturday when I hand over my $107.00 and race home to open and touch and fondle and maybe even masturbate once or twice while staring at the pretty pictures and fun lovin’ evil bastards that I get to put together and paint.

Oh, and there are also lots of super-squishy Dark Angels figures for my daughter to paint and for me to destroy as the whims and caprices of Khorne come upon me.  Throw in a copy of the new rule set (that I hadn’t purchased yet as I was waiting to see what the new boxed set was going to deliver) and the blast markers, dice, etc. and I am going to be a happy guy next weekend.

So while the unit in the game is the Crimson Slaughter, they can soon be converted over to becoming World Eaters!  Then I can set them loose upon the galaxy and let it burn, baby, burn.  The set that was converted into Alpha Legion warriors for White Dwarf was inspiring.  It will be the best Labour Day ever!