If Only One Could Read In The Shower ….

It has been quite some time since I wrote a book review from the “readin'” room.  However, that is being corrected as I have been working my way through the latest novel by James Lee Burke called Creole Belle.

Usually it takes me two days to a week to read a novel, but this one has taken me almost three weeks to read:  and I am not yet done with the story.  But this has nothing to do with the quality of the story; far from it.  The story is quite amazing – but it is very depressing and a little reading goes a long way with this book

Basically the plot is devoid of characters who are redeemable.  There are bad guys, very bad guys and truly evil guys.  Even the two main protagonists in the story if they are not going to Hell, are going to be spening many lifetimes in Purgatory,  It has been a rather tough read as I always feels tainted after a chapter or two.  Minor hygiene issues of the soul aside though, it is a truly brilliant book with deeply scarred and flawed characters and a brilliant plot that just demolishes any romantic notions that a person could have about New Orleans or Louisiana and the tangled politics and business of the region.


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  1. And so the book ended with darkness as an all pervasive presence. There were no neat bows on this package: the characters did not have an epiphany that took them by the hand and led them into the light …

    It is a novel worthy of Conrad – dark and dirty and dangerous: the very definition (and literal translation) of noir.

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