One Of These Days, This Book Could Make It To The Crapper

So I was happily perusing the new offerings at the local library when I came upon this tome on how to deal with procrastination.


Now call me crazy, but if the issue is procrastination then the twin concepts of ordering it from the library and then going and picking it up is an immediate self defeating proposition. And that is before one even begins dipping into The Big Book Of Excuses to find a reason to avoid reading this book (or just dipping it in gravy so the dog will eat it.)

And since some people must have managed to avoid this book up to now, the publisher has finally gotten around to releasing it as a recording. But I think all of the above caveats are still going to apply. I could test out my hypothesis on my youngest daughter who has raised procrastination to an art form; but then again I am sort of busy tonight so perhaps I could try it out tomorrow, or when I see her this weekend …..


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