Some Real Crap That I Read On The Crapper

I think that the archaeo/crypto/apocalyptic thriller has now finally run its course. In many ways this is quite a shame, since I have enjoyed many of these types of novels in the ten years since The DaVinci Code was published. But as good as The DaVinci Code was, Inferno isn’t.

Even though Dan Brown has only written four Robert Langdon novels, the plot from novel to novel has become so heavy and predictable that I can only compare it to John Cena’s “5 Moves of Doom” that he unleashes in every professional wrestling bout: talk about the need for an “Attitude Adjustment” on Dan Brown’s part.


The greatest indictment of Inferno is that I could easily have stopped reading at page 100 and I would not have been in the least bit bothered. I would not have wondered what ever happened to Robert Langdon as I had already read it all three times before. Fortunately, the author is not prolific so I will have four to five years to get ready for the next novel. And John Cena will still be using the same five moves to end his wrestling matches at that time too …

(And please, for the love of God, no movie with Tom Hanks.)


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