It Still Counts As One!

I am a blessed individual. I have two daughters and they are now 23 and 19 (almost 20) and they still love to hang out with dad. Over the years, even though I am that most despised of societal creatures – the divorced father, I have forged a very tight bond with both of them.  We do a lot of things together all of the time even though the oldest is now married (sometimes she even lets her husband tag along) and the youngest is busy starting forge a modelling career and travelling the world. Besides our love of all things Warhammer 40K, we love to go fishing together.

Willamette RiverAnd it is just as much fun going fishing with the oldest now she is 24 as it was when she was 14 and even as much fun as when she was 4: and taking a 4 year old fishing is a riot. Dad, being dad, used his trusty Shakespeare fishing pole from Larry’s Bargain Basement that is 30+ years old now while junior wing-girl #1 used her new UglyStikk that an over indulgent father purchased for her.

Standard family fishing league rules applied: you have to land it to count it and in the event of a tie it is down to the number of bass caught. Please note that in the picture I am indicating that this whale (you have to squint to really see it) counts as one (the commissioner of the family made a ruling) and a myriad of tiny cousins of his also each counted as one. There were some nice bass caught too – along with a pair of underpants that were at one point tidy-whities and now had a permanent skid mark colour (and the commissioner ruled that this did not count as one (but maybe a number 2)).

lrg_1375021729189_9028293444_fe0dd2c8So dad took the day, which is actually a rarity when fishing against either daughter, and we had a good time. Next up is salmon season in September and October which is where I do my best work. Oh, the son-in-law does not fish and hates touching the yukky worms and gets bored after ten minutes and talks incessantly while fishing ….


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  1. This was the most calm I have ever seen the Willamette River. As you can see from the first picture, there is absolutely no visible current. The water looked like glass.

    We were entertained by some ducks and their ducklings doing all kinds of crazy duck stuff on the beach by us plus we had some fish eagles hanging out in a dead tree close by. One of them pulled a much bigger bass than we did ….

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