It Rolls Downhill, Can’ardly Make It Up!

“Every subject’s duty is the King’s; but every subject’s soul is his own”

― William Shakespeare, Henry V

Henry V

Greetings and salutations, members of the Proletariat:  it is I, your Beloved, and Revered, leader just dropping to ask “S’up?’ in a non-derisory manner that allows you to think that I am one of you (but just more Beloved and Revered).

Every day I mingle with my minions a la Henry V to seek out whether they are appreciative of the mundane aspects of their trivial lives, if they are content to revel in their mediocrity, and see what they think of JT’s new album (he is a righteous dude).  I do this while working on weapons of mass destruction alongside my “peeps”.


So while I was journeying home today with the lemmings, on their road to the inevitable cliff, I decided that I was in need of mental nourishment and diverted to the local library.  And after a quick sojourn to the biblioteque and being showered with flowers strewn by urchins and photographed “looking at things” like late lamented cousin Kim, I headed back to Xanadu and the Pleasure Dome that I, your Beloved, and Revered, leader call home.

On the way back home, however, the despotmobile was stuck behind a Prius.  Now, as munificent as I am, as all embracing of my people as I am, even as much as I care about the bunnies and the flowers as I do, nobody should drive a vehicle that is powered by three AAA batteries.


Don’t get me wrong, I, your beloved, and revered, leader loves the environment and I am looking forward to passing it along to the future dictatress for life when she assumes said mantle in the distant future.  But this vehicle was absurd and should have been called a Rolls Can’ardly as the speed it managed to attain was mainly gravity influenced.  We even got up to 15 mph at one point…..

And what is my point?  People who live in battery powered automobiles should ask what their batteries are made of (it’s not slugs and snails and puppy dog tails) and where the batteries go when they die.  Now that is off of Number One comrade’s medal bedecked (and hairy) chest, I, your Beloved, and Revered, leader can watch last night’s wrestling that was DVR’d…. I love the little Daniel Bryan: so tiny but so angry.  Yes! Yes! Yes!

daniel bryan


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